15 mw
5 acres
Power can be live in 60 days
5.9 Cents kwh



10 mw
5 acres
5.9 Cents kwh
Power can be live in 60 days
Substation shared a property line




560 MW
320 acres
Must build substations




50 mw turn key
Fixed Rate Period $74.00 per MW/h

September 1 through December 31 2023 March 1 2024 through August 31 2024

B) Index Period “All In” billed rate + $22.00 per MW/h Host Margin

January 1, 2024 through February 29, 2024

2 month deposit

$20 per miner set up fee

2.25 mw rack space+ 1 mw already setup distribution transformer

You would need to set up rack space for.
90k sqft warehouse

Has a tenant that is unrelated to crypto mining that is paying 4k per month taking up 16k sqft

This site is scalable to 100 MW what will need to be done is your part of the cost to bring the hundred megawatts to the site would be $329,000 the power company would cover the rest.

You would have to purchase and install the 100 MW substation. There is a index pricing right now in the 4.75 cent range you would have to talk to the power company to lock in a rate it would be a two month deposit to lock in

Price of the site is $1,600,000


35 mw turn key

  • 20mw immersion 2.8+ power pass through + $1200 per mw per month
  • 10mw air cooled 2.25+ power pass through + $1200 per mw per month
  • 5 mw concrete pads need to bring the transformers and containers

1.25 +power pass through + $1200 per mw